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Water Damage Restoration

Whether your washing machine malfunctioned and overflowed while you were out of the house or you have had a roof leak dripping down into your walls for months and you just discovered a problem, we're here to help. These sorts of water problems do occur and the key to minimizing damage is to take immediate action. In some cases, like the roof leak mentioned above, it's quite possible that this  water has been leaking into your wall cavities for quite some time. Even in this situation, it is critical as soon as the problem is discovered to take immediate action to further minimize damage. We are here to help you restore your home back to  its original condition.

The Water Removal Process

In the event of a water damage incident in your home, the process of removal starts by giving us a phone call. We would then immediately dispatch a water damage consultant to your home to evaluate the damage. On the same day, workers would come to your home and remove items that are damaged  beyond repair or items that need to be moved to allow for the drying process. After all these items are removed, we then set up drying equipment to start the drying-out process. We then come back daily to check and log moisture reading in the affected areas to check the progress. When moisture levels are all found to be within normal range, the drying equipment will be removed from your home.


After your home is dry again it is important to get started on the reconstruction to your home to bring it back to its original state. Of course, at this time you would have options to do upgrades if you prefer. Since your kitchen floor just flooded and needs to be replaced you could simply go back with the original vinyl flooring that you had or put in that dream hardwood or tile floor you have been contemplating for some time. These decisions will be up to you to make but we will be  sure to give you options and ideas during the entire process.

About Gary DeWinter

Gary DeWinter, principal, has over 25 years of experience working on homes and is a trusted member of the community. DeWinter Construction is located in Forest Grove, Oregon and currently taking jobs throughout the Portland Metropolitan area.

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